Budapesti Ward Mária Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium

Benefit Concert

Benefit Concert for Mary Ward Elementary and Grammar School of Budapest

28th November 2014 Friday 7.00 pm

1. A. Vivaldi:  Concerto in G-Minor for Flute „La Notte” (The night) RV 439

2. A. Vivaldi: Concerto in D MajorforLute RV 93

3. Pál Esterházy: Harmonia caelestis – 5 cantatas

                        Nil canitur iucundius

                        Jesu, dulcedo

                        O, nitida stella Maria

                        O mors, o mors


4. W. A. Mozart: Adagio in E Major for Violin and Orchestra KV 261

5. W. A. Mozart: A Little Night Music KV 525



Mária Zádori – sopran, prized with Liszt Award


the teachers of the Mary Ward Music High School of Budapest:


Katalin Kállay – flute

István Győri – lute

Piroska Vitárius – violin


Savaria Baroque Orchestra (Budapest) plays

period instruments

Artistic director: Pál Németh

conductor, flutist, prized with Liszt Award


Savaria Baroque Orchestra

It is one of the post-orchestras of Capella Savaria, founded by Pál Németh, flustist and conductor in 1981.

Their aims are showing the music of the 17-18th centuries authentically based on contemporary documents as well as depicting the values of the musical past of Hungary.

Their repertoire covers a wide variety of genres from early Baroque to classical, from Monteverdi to Mozart. They have introduced to the Hungarian and national public such masterpieces as Pál Esterházy’s Harmonia Caelestis collection or the album called Hungarian Dances showing the birth of Hungarian Verbunk by discovering hidden treasures of Hungarian and international libraries. Besides showing the records of several decades of Joseph Haydn’s work in Hungary, they are also proud of the introduction of the less known Michael Haydn’s works. More than 80 CDs of theirs present classical masters’ – Händel, Bach, Vivaldi és Mozart – less frequently heard works of art.

They make great effort to introduce Hungarian-related Baroque and classical chamber operas. As a regular orchestra for Budapest Chamber Opera they find it very important to introduce classical music to young generations. They have performed in several national and international concert halls, churches and on festivals.

Pál Németh
conductor, artistic leader, prized with Liszt Award