Budapesti Ward Mária Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium

What is not shown in the official competency tests

This month there was a school-leaving ball in Mary Ward School of Budapest again. This is an exciting and uplifting moment in the lives of teachers and students as well, a kind of rehearsal for the school leaving exams. It is not only an exam in knowledge, but also humanity, manners, creativity, dance and sharing community and individual experiences.

Still, I had more tears in my eyes this year than ever before, and moments have still been coming up in my memory since then.

These kids went to class 10 when I was the headmistress of this school. Several of them were frequent visitors in my office, not only because they were naughty, but also because they needed attention, human words. They only came when their form-mistresses, Zsuzsanna Buzgó and Veronika Guld had no more time or ideas to help them. These fantastic teachers, who did not give up on their students and believed this day would come, could really celebrate at the school leaving ball. They constantly believed that there is a possibility in every child to become healthy adults, who can be themselves, and dare to face their faults and hidden talents.

This school leaving ball was not special because of its special performances, but because the students could show their hidden selves: Niki could dance as a seeing person, Csilla was better at dancing rock and roll than a lot of model-figured girls.

In the majority of society, where the main objective of schools is to give knowledge only, Mary Ward School is not noted. In this part of society, where people are categorised by achievements and “objective” and comparable rates and figures, you will not find our school in the top 50.

But in the society of those building upon Christian values, looking to the future, where the school itself and Congregatio Jesu, the maintainer of the school belongs, we are certainly among the first three schools. Unfortunately, however, there is no official indicator of this yet. The achievements are revealed at certain occasions only, when we allow our hearts to see what is below the surface.

We owe gratitude to our colleagues who work in the hiddenness of everyday life ad educate these kids to become adults who has a healthy soul, who can reveal and use their abilities and who are sensitive to others’ problems!

Thank you for showing this valuable “achievement” at this school leaving ball, which was not measureable but deeply touched everybody.   

 Viktória Kaszap CJ