Budapesti Ward Mária Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium

Year for Consecrated Life

Pope Francis declared this new church year beginning at Advent the Year for Consecrated Life. He, with his Jesuit roots, wants to point out that purity, poverty and submission are gifts from God and the Church is guarding them by the grace of God. 

Consecrated Life can be of several kinds. They own gifts according to God’s Grace for them: they may follow the praying Christ (contemplative orders), or the one preaching God’s kingdom and helping people (apostolic orders like Congregatio Jesu), or Christ living among us in the world (newly-found orders and communities), but they always follow Christ, who acts upon the will of the Father.

In the Year of Consecrated Life everyone can get acquainted with the rich variety that has been bought to life by the Grace of God in Hungary and the world via different programmes, and also in print and the media.

The motto of Mary Ward Schools in Hungary this year is REFER EVERYTHING TO GOD. To be able to understand it more thoroughly a new prayer will be introduced in this Advent. Every day around noon we are going to hold an Examen, an examination of our conscience. We are going to stop and think about the day behind us and contemplate about the tasks before us, aiming at a kind of religiousness which does not consist of only set prayers and taking part in liturgy but connecting everything that happens to us with God. This is what Mary Ward described as referring everything to God.

I hope that the Examen and all the happenings in the Year of Consecrated Life are going to take every one of us closer to our loving God, who looks after all of us.       

Judit Knáb
provincial superior