Budapesti Ward Mária Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium

The First Concert of our Secondary Musical School


Pupils of our Secondary Musical School had their first concert on 18 November. We

could enjoy performance of students of the religious music, classical-old music, and folk

music faculties.

Student Exchange Programme in Krakow

The 10th and 11th year of our Secondary Grammar School welcomed 16 students and

their two English teachers in Budapest. Our latest student exchange programme started

with penfriendship last summer, so the participants had a chance to get to know each

other before they met.

Our Polish friends came from the Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic School from Krakow.

With our pupils’ guidance they got to know the sights of Budapest, visited Szentendre

and took part in a folk dance club in our school. They could also make hand-made gifts

as well as visiting the Polish House, where they took part in a bilingual lecture in Polish

and Hungarian history.

They spent Monday morning in Rudas spa, after which they could try an “Escape Room

Game” in English.

Our students visit their Polish exchange students in May.

We are grateful for the wonderful time we spent together.

Thank you, Poland!

International CJ Mission in Jerusalem

After celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Just Soul vision with the Hungarian

Province, Sister Brigitta Barnai CJ started her three-year mission in Jerusalem.

The CJ order has been present in a German school and a pilgrim-house in Jerusalem

since 1989. In the last few years the CJ community has become more international. At

present there are CJ sisters from Germany, Korea. Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

Good Results at the Bolyai Mathematics Competition

Our students Ákos Bencsik, Bálint Parai, Nóra Scholtz, and András Tegzes finished in the

fourth place out of 46 teams in the mid-Budapest regional Bolyai Mathematics


In the junior section Ákos Csányi, Ádám Fehér, Teodor Hrabovszky-Machál, and Pál

Káldy (class 3.b) earned the fifth place award out of 47 teams, while Borbála Kovács,

Dániel Papp, Panna Sorbán, and Dániel Varga (class 3.a) came int he sixth place.

Congratulations to all!

My experiece with the Mezzofanto English Competition

Just a little background story: I went to the regional English competition which was held at

the Saint Margaret High School in Budapest. I got the third place in it, so I was able to go to

the next round which was organised in Kalocsa and students from all over the country came

to participate.

All in all, the whole competition was really nice, the only bad thing was that I needed to get

up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get to Kalocsa by 8.30 and I was a bit tired during the

competition. However, as I said, I enjoyed it. If the time comes, I’ll certainly take part in

another competition of this type even if it is more difficult or at a higher level of language.

Nagy László 9.a