A ‘ little family’ from Mary Ward School takes a trip to London


The next day we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral where we took part in an Anglican ceremony. We consumed our lunch at Borough Market where we tried different national dishes, such as Ethiopian or Korean. In the afternoon, we walked to Tower through Tower Bridge to see the Crown Jewels. In the evening we were walking in Piccadilly Circus in the swarming crowd among street musicians and dancers.

On the third day, we visited the famous, luxurious department store, Harrods. Afterwards we spent two hours in the Science Museum. We took a long walk in Hyde Park, visiting Kensington Palace lying on the rich English lawn. We had our fish and chips lunch together in a typical British pub in Carnaby street. Then, we set off to discover the enormous British Museum. We had just one and a half hours to have a taste of this huge collection, which includes the Rosette Stone, the statues of Easter Island, reliefs of Mesopotamia and painted Egyptian wallpieces. In the evening, we watched one of Shakespeare’s dramas, Love’s Labour’s Lost performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the West End.

Our accommodation was above a very nice pub, every morning we had breakfast here and in the evenings we came down many times to talk and play board games. On Wednesday night, we took part in a pub quiz with which was fun for the ‘Huns’-the only non-native group. We finished our trip with a morning prayer in Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning followed by a last walk in the city centre. Finally, with the help of God we arrived safely back to Hungary after a rather difficult flight in the evening.