Ward Weekend 2014

This annually organised sports event is highly anticipated by Ward School students. This one-day long programme offers different  kinds of sports and games for students to try. I went to Ward Weekend with my family. While my mother and sister were preparing delicious meal for lunch, my brother and I were taking part in different sports activities. My brother, who goes in the sixth grade, was really enthusiastic about playing different team games. My class (11.a.) played volleyball, lasertag and balloon tennis, which were great fun. What I liked most were playing volleyball and folk dance, but the lasertag and the „war by numbers” were also very exciting.


The best thing about Ward Weekend is that it’s not just for us, students,- but also for our teachers. This event really helps us to improve our relationship with them. J  Besides we can spend a jolly, active day together at the Scout Camp, and at the end of the day everyone leaves happily and satisfied. 


Due to our co-operation with AIESEC Hungary we welcome Padideh, who arrived from Iran to work as a teacher assistant for us. Besides talking in English with the kids and her colleagues, she takes an active part in language exam preparation, and the preparation and organising programmes. We also have a chance to get to know about Iranian culture from her. Padideh will get in touch with most classes in our school int he next few months. Please welcome her in the school!

Freshmen’s Day

This August we organised the Freshmen’s Day again. The two classes joining the secondary school this year had a chance to get to know each other and the form-mistresses better, as well as to discover the school building.

There were a lot of games as well as dance, flashmob and adventure tour to Gellért Hill nearby. We hope the freshmen enjoyed it as much as we did as organisers!